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Donald Trump as the President?

Can you image one day looking up our 45th President and seeing Donald Trump’s name? Donald Trump is a successful businessman, I will give him that, but I do not feel confident in his ability to lead this country. Do you?

In a recent interview with Donald NBC‘s Savannah Guthrie asked him, “Is there a right to privacy in the Constitution?” Donald replied, “I guess there is, I guess there is.  And why, just out of curiosity, why do you ask that question?” A similar question was asked to Sarah Palin in her 2008 presidential campaign.  Her answer, also similar to Trumps, was thought to be one of the damaging factors that lead to her loss.  

Trump and Palin are both pro-life. Activists who are anti-abortion or pro-life argue that there is no such thing as the” right to privacy”.  In the case Roe vs. Wade, the courts decided that it is a “right to privacy” under the due process clause in the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution that if a woman decides to have an abortion it is her right to be able to. Consequently, by Trump agreeing that the Constitution has the “right to privacy” he is going against the thoughts of other pro-life activates and therefore contradicting his own beliefs.

What does this say about Donald Trump though?  To me it says, he is not a creditable source. Just as Sarah Palin did, he does not think before he speaks.  I still believe that this is just a publicity stunt for Trump and do not truly believe that he will ever be our President. But if it ever got to the point where he was an actual candidate on our ballet I would truly be fearful of the outcome. So I ask again, is this the type of person you would want to lead our country?


College Student versus the World

 I sometimes wonder if every one that attends SIUE gets the same education as I do? I am participating in a group project in one of my classes and I wondered this after seeing the amount of words my group members placed on their slides.  I wondered do these people even go to the same school as I do? I have been hammered time after time about the principles of how to prepare and present your power point slides and placing full sentences on them was not one of the guidelines. 

This got me thinking. Did they attend a different college before coming to SIUE or maybe they never grasped the concept of proper power point presentation guidelines. I wonder what knowledge do I lack when it comes to my education. I know that for the rest of my life I will be continuously learning but I would like to think that  my education here at SIUE has fully prepared me to enter the workforce. Students need to engage in as many areas of interest as they can. You are not the only one applying for a job when you graduate. It is a competition and whoever has the right qualifications will win.

So if your graduating in the May or have a few more years just remember you are attending college to further enhance your life, not just to socialize with your friends. I know a silly comment but sometimes I think students forget why they are here. So take a sit, listen, and absorb the information because once you leave here it is a race to the finish line and you will be competing against your fellow classmates.

Pit bulls..the truth about this breed

Pit bulls, what do you think about when you hear someone talk about this breed? Most individuals think about dog fighting or how dangerous of a breed they are. Well, I am here to tell you they are a loving and loyal breed.  This four legged friend is only a product of its owner’s ability to control them.

Pit bulls are a notoriously known for dog fighting. Pit bulls can exhibit dog aggression. If everyone who owned a Pit bull was a responsible owner and properly trained their Pit bull this trait would not be a major topic of the news. But, unfortunately that is not the case and there are corrupted individuals who find enjoyment out of fighting their dogs to the death. Dog aggression is very different from people aggression. Dog aggression is a characteristic that is associated with the Pit bull breed, people aggression is a different topic altogether. A dog that exhibits people aggression should be intensively trained and if the problem is not fixed should be euthanized.

All dogs can exhibit traits of dog aggression. For example, Dalmatian can exhibit dog aggression but Pit bulls are a powerful breed and if they are encouraged or allowed to fight with other dogs will win. Irresponsible owners that allow or even train their dogs that fighting is okay are what give the Pit bull breed their bad reputation. If you allow your dog to pee on your carpet they will also believe it is okay, but whose fault is that? It is the owners. Your dog gets its boundaries from you. The owner has to teach their dog what is wrong and what is right.   

I personally own a Pit bull and know several individuals who also own one too. They are great family dogs, energetic, loving, and loyal. They keep you on your toes and when you are having the worst day ever they can bring a smile to your face. As early stated, you do have to be a responsible owner. This breed has a negative wrap so any incident can increase people’s negative opinions towards this breed. So, social your puppy early on and training is essential and believe me your Pit bull will bring nothing but joy to your life.

         Up until I was a senior in high school I had 20/20 vision. In my senior year it became difficult for me to read things that were on the board. I also started having headaches and realized that when I was driving I could no longer make things out in the distance.  So, I asked my parents to take me to the eye doctor.

           Come to find out my vision had suffered. While I was picking out my glasses I thought what caused me to lose my 20/20 vision. After some thought, I blamed it on my new job. I had just started a new job as a teller and would sometimes spend up to ten hours in front of a computer. Come to find out I was probably right. Some eye experts have  recently discovered a new problem. They are calling it computer vision syndrome (CVS).

            Computer vision syndrome can affect up to 90 percent of individuals who spend two or more continuous hours in front of an electronic device such as, computers, smart phones, an e-reader and etc.  The symptoms are blurring vision, headaches, dry eyes, and the possibility of nearsightedness. I experienced all of these symptoms and even ended up being nearsighted. Does anyone else think that their vision has suffered because of prolonged exposure to an electronic device?

If you would like some more information about this new health concern visit

Who made your favorite horror film?

               Has anyone ever watched a horror movie and thought how did an individual even come up with this? I have always wondered are the individuals who make these movies disturbed individuals or just have a very creative imagination. Well, now I know not all of them have a creative imagination some really are disturbed.

               Tim Fattig a thirty-four year old filmmaker for Desert Scream Productions, a horror-film production company, was found with a decomposed women’s body within his house. The body is thought to be his deceased mother who died about a year ago. This makes me wonder did he become a horror filmmaker because he was a disturbed individual or did making these horror films blur the lines of what was right and wrong.

             In the past, parents and critics were concerned about the effects that violent video games and movies may have on children.  Some individuals were concerned that the content of these gruesome video games or movies may influence their children’s actions.  They were worried that the video games or movies were glorifying crude and dangerous behaviors. Maybe these parents and critics were on the right track. Just think when you watch a scary movie do you ever have nightmares? That means that the horrible contents of that movie are constantly rerunning in your head. Would you be o.k. knowing that those thoughts were formed by a person who was truly disturbed?

Does anyone want an engery drink?

Recently there have been several debates over the risks associated with energy drinks. One study found in the journal of Pediatrics states that teens who consume energy drinks may be posing risks to their health. About thirty to fifty percent of children use energy drinks these days. Although most children consume energy drinks to improve their performance or increase their energy levels they may be doing just the opposite. Energy drinks can be harmful to any child but especially pose risks to children with ADHD, diabetes, or heart conditions.

I believe that parents should be concerned about the consumption of any beverage that has a large amount of caffeine in it but energy drinks are not like Gatorade, which is a sports drink that replaces electrolytes and adds nutrients to a body especially useful when involved in enduring activities. Energy drinks are also not regulated by the FDA becauce it’s a dietary supplement. Even though some sodas have a high dosage of caffeine the FDA regulates soda, so each soda is supposed to have no more than seventy-one milligrams of caffeine in it. Energy drinks, for example Monster, contain one-hundred-sixty milligrams of caffeine.  I believe that all children need to have their diet monitored. Less caffeine and a better diet can only improve one’s quality of life.

Singles matter too

Valentine’s Day is a time for couples to celebrate their love for each other, but what about the single individuals?  Single individuals make up about one-third of the U.S population. They are the ones forming what dating habits are acceptable and  how relationships should look. Amazingly, singles are still vastly under-studied. But, a dating website has decided to change that. They conducted one of the largest and most comprehensive studies based on single men and women.  This study busts some of the stereotypes individuals have about single women and men.  For example, did you know that men are more likely to experience love at first sight than women. And that single individuals are still hopeless romantics not lonely home bodies, forty-one percent of singles still believe in love at first sight. So, maybe all the single ladies should dress up tonight and go on a date by yourself, who knows maybe your true love will experience love at first sight.

No Gun is a Safe Gun

While browsing CNN Justice I found an article entitled, “Police: Florida boy drops loaded handgun inside pre-kindergarten class“. This article talked about how a five-year old boy brought a small, .22-caliber handgun into pre-kindergarten class. This pre-kindergarten student had allegedly stashed his stepfather’s gun into his pocket before entering school. Lucky, his music teacher noticed the gun when it accidentally fell out of the young boy’s pocket before anything serious could happen.

A five-year old is not a malicious person. Their biggest worry is what arts and crafts they are going to do at school that day. So who’s fault is it that this five-year old boy was able to get his hands on a gun? I believe it is his parent’s fault, any parent that has children and owns a gun should have them locked in a cabinet or placed far out of their children’s reach. This situation could have escalated quickly if the gun would have accidentally discharged. That child would have had to live with those consequences for the rest of his life all because he had an irresponsible parent.

After thinking about this little boy and how much more awful this situation could have turned out I decided to look further into the facts about children and gun related incidents. I found a great article entitled, “The Facts About Kids and Guns“. Within this article it gave several facts. For example, every day in America about 75 children are shot and nearly 500 children and teenagers a year are killed due to gun related accidents.  This article also stated that 29 percent of high school boys own a gun. These guns are mostly used for hunting and sporting purposes but do these boys actually have the responsibility and maturity to own a gun? I think the statics show that they do not. So be responsible and think twice before allowing your child to own a gun the consequences are far greater than you may think.

Possibly some solutions will come soon: Obama to Push Gun Control Soon

The Shut Down of

Why is it OK that men or company’s advertise women as objects? Tonight I was watching a special on CNN, called Selling the Girl Next Door. On the show it exploited websites like or Since the taping of this show has shut down their “adult portion” on their website due to various reasons. But still knowingly allows pimps or individuals to post explicit ads soliciting women. Since shut down their “adult portion” on their website became the main viral advertising for pimps and individuals soliciting sex. sales since then have grown by $100,000. All I can say is these companies need an ethics book thrown at them. How can you profit off individuals soliciting sex, several in which were underage? Since the shut down, Craigslist has received some bad press due to an incident that involved a Boston University medical student who was accused of killing an individual in which he found through the adult portion on Craigslist. has yet to comment on this issue. Even though they have been silent, the term Craigslist Killer has spread due to news releases and etc. As of right now, future is unknown but they have taken a step towards the right path.

Every company’s policy talks about the importance of customer service but I bet that C.E.O of that company never had a customer screaming at them for no reason and would be able to keep their cool. I was in a department store yesterday and a customer was ripping the cashier another one because the price that was on the jacket was different then what it was ringing up as in the computer. The cashier was calling her supervisor to try to figure out what she should do.  The man then became infuriated and insisted that the cashier walked over to the rack with him to see that all the other jackets were the same price. It wasn’t that the cashier didn’t believe that the jacket was on sale it was just that she was trying to solve the problem. Why do people do that?  I would have understood if the cashier was yelling at him and refusing to give him the jacket at the sale price but she was just trying to help him.  Providing great customer service and the customer is also right should be two different things but it doesn’t seem to play out that way in the world of retail. So next time you walk into a store or a restaurant or anywhere at that treat the people who work there the way you would want to be treated.