Comment #1

Date: 1/26/11 Time: 2:23

Parental Divorce by Aunya Mcelroy

Comment # 2

Date 1/30/11 Time: 12:12

Facebook in your Life by Abby Delehanty

Comment #3

Date: 1/14/11 Time: 9:58

Super Bowl 2011 by Chelsea Zoeller

Comment #4

Date 2/21/11 Time: 4:19

Taco Bell “Meat”  by Kirstie Straeter

Comment #5

Date 3/13/11 Time:9:02

Should assisted suicide be legalized? by Ngwe Njiwah

Comment # 6

Date 3/23/11 Time: 9:24

Allergy season is unfortunately here. by Makayla White

You just wrote about my life. I love being outside and even though my throat is killing me, I am scratching my eyes out, and my nose is running like a faucet I manage to get through it. Thank goodness my allergy attract seems to only last for about a week, a week of absolute horror but at least only a week.  I mean at least I am keeping the tissue industry in business.

Comment # 7

Date: 3/28/11 Time: 9:35

Spring Break 2011 by Raven Shelton

 I am super excited about this post mainly because I am actually going to Vegas in a few weeks. Although I do find it interesting to hear that Vegas was the most popular place for Spring break this year. It is funny how much MTV can influence individuals. MTV sets standards of what is cool and I guess Vegas is the it factor right now. Vegas although always a hot spot is usually not what most people associate Spring break with.

Comment # 8

Date: 4/5/11 Time: 10:05

Chris Brown’s Recent Rage and Apology. by Elisa Maura

Celebrities are exploited every day and even though Chris Brown’s actions were inexcusable he does deserve to be forgiven.  When I do something shameful or wrong yes a few people may know but when you are in the spot light it is a never ending ridicule. So I also do not blame Chris Brown for his outburst. Yes, he could have acted in a more suitable manner but if I was constantly ridiculed for a past mistake I made I do not know how I would respond.

Comment # 9

Date: 4/13/11 Time: 1:20

Crazy Internet Advice by Hannah Johnson

I also turn to Google for everything. You can type in the most ridicules questions into Google’s search bar and BAM there is the answer. The silly thing is that people actually do live their lives by the guidelines that they find. As you were saying it is funny that people even make up these rules in the first place. Not ever relationship is the same so how can a third party know what is best for you and your significant other. Every relationship is different but I guess if you are lost and have nowhere else to turn start your computer up, go to Google, and ask away.

Comment # 10

Date: April 19, 2011 Time: 3:15

Is Texting Changing the Way Our Generation Communicates? by Kirstie Straeter

My parents, my father in particular, has always tried to tell me that texting is not a good form of communication and I completely agree with him. Although, just because I agree with him does not mean I am taking his advice. I find myself texting people constantly throughout the day. I actually got myself in a bind recently because I choose to text someone instead of calling them. I do agree with you that texting does allow individuals to say things that they probably would never say to someone’s face. This can and has caused problems for me personally. One individual may have meant something completely different but the way the receiver interrupted the message may be completely different than the sender’s original intent hence causing a dispute.