I sometimes wonder if every one that attends SIUE gets the same education as I do? I am participating in a group project in one of my classes and I wondered this after seeing the amount of words my group members placed on their slides.  I wondered do these people even go to the same school as I do? I have been hammered time after time about the principles of how to prepare and present your power point slides and placing full sentences on them was not one of the guidelines. 

This got me thinking. Did they attend a different college before coming to SIUE or maybe they never grasped the concept of proper power point presentation guidelines. I wonder what knowledge do I lack when it comes to my education. I know that for the rest of my life I will be continuously learning but I would like to think that  my education here at SIUE has fully prepared me to enter the workforce. Students need to engage in as many areas of interest as they can. You are not the only one applying for a job when you graduate. It is a competition and whoever has the right qualifications will win.

So if your graduating in the May or have a few more years just remember you are attending college to further enhance your life, not just to socialize with your friends. I know a silly comment but sometimes I think students forget why they are here. So take a sit, listen, and absorb the information because once you leave here it is a race to the finish line and you will be competing against your fellow classmates.