Pit bulls, what do you think about when you hear someone talk about this breed? Most individuals think about dog fighting or how dangerous of a breed they are. Well, I am here to tell you they are a loving and loyal breed.  This four legged friend is only a product of its owner’s ability to control them.

Pit bulls are a notoriously known for dog fighting. Pit bulls can exhibit dog aggression. If everyone who owned a Pit bull was a responsible owner and properly trained their Pit bull this trait would not be a major topic of the news. But, unfortunately that is not the case and there are corrupted individuals who find enjoyment out of fighting their dogs to the death. Dog aggression is very different from people aggression. Dog aggression is a characteristic that is associated with the Pit bull breed, people aggression is a different topic altogether. A dog that exhibits people aggression should be intensively trained and if the problem is not fixed should be euthanized.

All dogs can exhibit traits of dog aggression. For example, Dalmatian can exhibit dog aggression but Pit bulls are a powerful breed and if they are encouraged or allowed to fight with other dogs will win. Irresponsible owners that allow or even train their dogs that fighting is okay are what give the Pit bull breed their bad reputation. If you allow your dog to pee on your carpet they will also believe it is okay, but whose fault is that? It is the owners. Your dog gets its boundaries from you. The owner has to teach their dog what is wrong and what is right.   

I personally own a Pit bull and know several individuals who also own one too. They are great family dogs, energetic, loving, and loyal. They keep you on your toes and when you are having the worst day ever they can bring a smile to your face. As early stated, you do have to be a responsible owner. This breed has a negative wrap so any incident can increase people’s negative opinions towards this breed. So, social your puppy early on and training is essential and believe me your Pit bull will bring nothing but joy to your life.