Has anyone ever watched a horror movie and thought how did an individual even come up with this? I have always wondered are the individuals who make these movies disturbed individuals or just have a very creative imagination. Well, now I know not all of them have a creative imagination some really are disturbed.

               Tim Fattig a thirty-four year old filmmaker for Desert Scream Productions, a horror-film production company, was found with a decomposed women’s body within his house. The body is thought to be his deceased mother who died about a year ago. This makes me wonder did he become a horror filmmaker because he was a disturbed individual or did making these horror films blur the lines of what was right and wrong.

             In the past, parents and critics were concerned about the effects that violent video games and movies may have on children.  Some individuals were concerned that the content of these gruesome video games or movies may influence their children’s actions.  They were worried that the video games or movies were glorifying crude and dangerous behaviors. Maybe these parents and critics were on the right track. Just think when you watch a scary movie do you ever have nightmares? That means that the horrible contents of that movie are constantly rerunning in your head. Would you be o.k. knowing that those thoughts were formed by a person who was truly disturbed?