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Does anyone want an engery drink?

Recently there have been several debates over the risks associated with energy drinks. One study found in the journal of Pediatrics states that teens who consume energy drinks may be posing risks to their health. About thirty to fifty percent of children use energy drinks these days. Although most children consume energy drinks to improve their performance or increase their energy levels they may be doing just the opposite. Energy drinks can be harmful to any child but especially pose risks to children with ADHD, diabetes, or heart conditions.

I believe that parents should be concerned about the consumption of any beverage that has a large amount of caffeine in it but energy drinks are not like Gatorade, which is a sports drink that replaces electrolytes and adds nutrients to a body especially useful when involved in enduring activities. Energy drinks are also not regulated by the FDA becauce it’s a dietary supplement. Even though some sodas have a high dosage of caffeine the FDA regulates soda, so each soda is supposed to have no more than seventy-one milligrams of caffeine in it. Energy drinks, for example Monster, contain one-hundred-sixty milligrams of caffeine.  I believe that all children need to have their diet monitored. Less caffeine and a better diet can only improve one’s quality of life.


Singles matter too

Valentine’s Day is a time for couples to celebrate their love for each other, but what about the single individuals?  Single individuals make up about one-third of the U.S population. They are the ones forming what dating habits are acceptable and  how relationships should look. Amazingly, singles are still vastly under-studied. But, a dating website has decided to change that. They conducted one of the largest and most comprehensive studies based on single men and women.  This study busts some of the stereotypes individuals have about single women and men.  For example, did you know that men are more likely to experience love at first sight than women. And that single individuals are still hopeless romantics not lonely home bodies, forty-one percent of singles still believe in love at first sight. So, maybe all the single ladies should dress up tonight and go on a date by yourself, who knows maybe your true love will experience love at first sight.