While browsing CNN Justice I found an article entitled, “Police: Florida boy drops loaded handgun inside pre-kindergarten class“. This article talked about how a five-year old boy brought a small, .22-caliber handgun into pre-kindergarten class. This pre-kindergarten student had allegedly stashed his stepfather’s gun into his pocket before entering school. Lucky, his music teacher noticed the gun when it accidentally fell out of the young boy’s pocket before anything serious could happen.

A five-year old is not a malicious person. Their biggest worry is what arts and crafts they are going to do at school that day. So who’s fault is it that this five-year old boy was able to get his hands on a gun? I believe it is his parent’s fault, any parent that has children and owns a gun should have them locked in a cabinet or placed far out of their children’s reach. This situation could have escalated quickly if the gun would have accidentally discharged. That child would have had to live with those consequences for the rest of his life all because he had an irresponsible parent.

After thinking about this little boy and how much more awful this situation could have turned out I decided to look further into the facts about children and gun related incidents. I found a great article entitled, “The Facts About Kids and Guns“. Within this article it gave several facts. For example, every day in America about 75 children are shot and nearly 500 children and teenagers a year are killed due to gun related accidents.  This article also stated that 29 percent of high school boys own a gun. These guns are mostly used for hunting and sporting purposes but do these boys actually have the responsibility and maturity to own a gun? I think the statics show that they do not. So be responsible and think twice before allowing your child to own a gun the consequences are far greater than you may think.

Possibly some solutions will come soon: Obama to Push Gun Control Soon