Why is it OK that men or company’s advertise women as objects? Tonight I was watching a special on CNN, called Selling the Girl Next Door. On the show it exploited websites like Craigslist.com or Backpage.com. Since the taping of this show Craigslist.com has shut down their “adult portion” on their website due to various reasons. But Backpage.com still knowingly allows pimps or individuals to post explicit ads soliciting women. Since Craigslist.com shut down their “adult portion” on their website Backpage.com became the main viral advertising for pimps and individuals soliciting sex. Backpage.com sales since then have grown by $100,000. All I can say is these companies need an ethics book thrown at them. How can you profit off individuals soliciting sex, several in which were underage? Since the shut down, Craigslist has received some bad press due to an incident that involved a Boston University medical student who was accused of killing an individual in which he found through the adult portion on Craigslist. Craigslist.com has yet to comment on this issue. Even though they have been silent, the term Craigslist Killer has spread due to news releases and etc. As of right now, Craigslist.com future is unknown but they have taken a step towards the right path.