Every company’s policy talks about the importance of customer service but I bet that C.E.O of that company never had a customer screaming at them for no reason and would be able to keep their cool. I was in a department store yesterday and a customer was ripping the cashier another one because the price that was on the jacket was different then what it was ringing up as in the computer. The cashier was calling her supervisor to try to figure out what she should do.  The man then became infuriated and insisted that the cashier walked over to the rack with him to see that all the other jackets were the same price. It wasn’t that the cashier didn’t believe that the jacket was on sale it was just that she was trying to solve the problem. Why do people do that?  I would have understood if the cashier was yelling at him and refusing to give him the jacket at the sale price but she was just trying to help him.  Providing great customer service and the customer is also right should be two different things but it doesn’t seem to play out that way in the world of retail. So next time you walk into a store or a restaurant or anywhere at that treat the people who work there the way you would want to be treated.